Frequently asked questions

How does My Bougie Bottle work?

My Bougie Bottle™ ability to keep any liquid hot or cold for long stretches while maintaining a condensation-free exterior is due to stainless steel, double walled vacuum insulation technology.

My Bougie Bottle will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. Please note, My Bougie Bottles are based on tests using water. Other beverages may have varying results.

Please be sure to hand wash your bottle thoroughly and air dry once containing liquids other than water to prevent rust around the screw thread.

What can I use My Bougie Bottle for?

My Bougie Bottle is first of its kind high quality sports water bottle depicting eye-catching and stylish designs with 
the convenience of a leak proof, flip straw lid and can be used around the clock for all your hydration needs. 
My Bougie Bottle will be the ultimate accessory to go with your workout outfit, keeping you hydrated at the gym, running errands and even enjoying alcoholic beverages at the beach with friends. My Bougie Bottle’s 750ml capacity can fit an entire bottle of wine with the convenience of being cup-holder friendly. Please always drink responsibly and never drink alchoholic beverages while driving.

My Bougie Bottle technology produces a condensation-free exterior so you’ll still be looking bougie  and won’t be inconvenienced by it perspirinring in your bag or slipping out of your hand during workout.

Can I put My Bottle Bottle in the refrigerator, freezer or microwave?

We do not recommend putting your  My Bougie Bottle in the refrigerator, freezer, or microwave, as it can damage the bottle and its vacuum seal. My Bougie Bottle double-layer technology ensure your drink should stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12.

**Can I use my My Bougie Bottle products to store drinks and keep them fresh?

My Bougie Bottle will help your drink stay fresh all day long, but it’s not intended for long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages can spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle, which can lead to lid failure and injury. And remember, putting My Bougie Bottle in the fridge can damage the vacuum seal that helps it maintain ideal temperatures.

Can I fly with MyBougie Bottle?

My Bougie Bottle is airport security friendly providing there are no liquids in your bottle before air travel.

What are My Bougie Bottles made of?

My Bougie Bottles are made of high-quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. This material is highly resistant to rust and does not need a liner. My Bougie Bottle is FDA approved and is BPA-free and thanks to you, a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles.

Where are My Bougie Bottle products manufactured?

My Bougie Bottle and accessories are thoughtfully designed in the USA and responsibly made in China.