Taylor  -  10/04/2020

AMAZING. I had no idea how much I needed My Bougie Bottle. I highly suggest getting the strap, brush, and ice cube trays as well. They are worth it! The quality of everything was above expectations. The ice cubes are so easy and it’s nice not to force ice cubes in the top. My water stays cold ALL day!!! The strap is convenient and I had no idea how much I’d use it. Also... it’s obviously the cutest design ever!!

Fadi  -  10/04/2020

My bougie bottle is the CUTEST accessory to any walk!! I have gotten numerous compliments from other walkers & they don’t even know how cold the water stays!! This south carolina heat is a perfect match for my bougie bottle!

Grace  -  02/04/2020

I love my Bougie Bottle!! Not only is the design super cute, but it really does keep your drinks nice and cold for so long! And it fits in my cup holder, a triple whammy!!! Thanks Bougie Bottle. I can’t wait to show this off.

Genesee Eggers  -  30/03/2020

LOVE this gorgeous bottle!! The vibrant designs remind me of Hawaii and the Beverly Hills Hotel, two of my favorite backdrops! Brightens up any ensemble and fits right inside the cup holder in my car!! I’m a serious ice queen and the awesome ice stick tray makes perfectly sized cylinders that slide in easily to keep my water icy cold and refreshing! Keeping all the fab packaging as well to transport and reuse!
I’m OBSESSED with My Bougie Bottle!!!

Jasmine  -  06/03/2020

Absolutely love this water bottle! Keeps my water ice cold all day, fits perfectly in my cup holder in my car and it's so beautiful! It looks like its handpainted and I get so many compliments on it!