Rosalynn Asuncion  -  06/03/2020

Let me just say wow! I am not one to write a review, but was so impressed by this Bougie bottle! The art work and colors on this bottle are vibrant and beautiful. It is definitely a stand out among others. Also the packaging that it comes in says a lot about the attention to detail and quality they have put into making this bottle. I also am in love with the straw top. I have a Camelbak bottle where the straw top is a soft plastic and has not held up in comparison to my bougie bottle. I am definitely a fan and will be taking my bougie bottle with me everywhere!

Elizabeth U.  -  06/03/2020

OMG! I love my Bougie Bottle!! So much prettier than anything out there and it holds a hefty 25 ounces! I’m getting the sling next so I always have it with me!!

Cerissa B.  -  05/03/2020

A great bottle all around! So pretty and stays ice cold! Also, the Ice Tray is awesome, the rubber let's them pop out super easy 1 at a time.

Iulia Milcomete  -  05/03/2020

I'm so glad that I discovered My Bougie Bottle. :) The bottle is perfect to keep the drinks cold or warm and the design is absolutely wonderful! I also love the fact that it is reusable, so it helps the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Lola Perez  -  08/11/2019

“OMG, finally a bottle that keeps my drinks cold and looks sooooo beautiful.”