Ocean-Themed Water Bottle

Over 70% of the earth is covered in water and most of that is the ocean. With its vastness, the ocean holds a teeming sea life with so much to be discovered. Yet that marine life is still very fragile.

As a conscious effort to build awareness and protect our oceans, My Bougie Bottle created the Aequorea line, an ocean-themed water bottle collection. Our Aequorea water bottle collection offer aquatic-themed water bottles that include seashells, octopus, jellyfish and starfishes.

This ocean-themed water bottle collection helps showcase the serenity and peace of the ocean and its dwellers. Everything from our beach-themed water bottles down to the vibrant picks of our sea life water bottle, each custom design is made to represent your favorite thing about the deep blue. The aquatic life water bottle is the perfect gift for that beach-loving, ocean-worshipping, seafaring person in your life.

Whether you’d like to compliment the design or you need more info on our drinkware, send us a message here and we’ll respond shortly!