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Born and raised in Oahu, Hawai’i, our founder Juliet Pearson enjoyed having the beaches, the ocean and the tropics as her playground. The ethereal beauty of her surroundings built her love and appreciation for Nature, and ultimately her desire to protect and to conserve it.

However, the ever-increasing waste of disposable plastic has been devastating these once pristine sites.

So in 2020, My Bougie Bottle was launched.

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The Bougie approach is simple – we’ve made it our mission to create the toughest, bougiest, and most beautiful range of drinkware and accessories out there.

We create drinkware that fuses fashion and function, so that it’s considered an essential accessory and hydration companion every person would fall in love with and never leave home without.

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Hydration is a key component to staying healthy and fit while maintaining your skin's youthful appearance. When you drink enough water, the cells in every part of your body get hydrated through the blood. The skin, being the largest organ in the body, also gets hydrated, even as the impurities and toxins get flushed out at the cellular level. Drinking enough water helps the body to flush out toxins while giving you healthier skin. Studies have revealed that drinking just a bottle of water can increase blood flow to the skin which gives it an even tone.



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There are a variety of reusable brands out there, and many do not offer convenient features for the busy woman on-the-go, and most are lacking a fashionable edge.

However, not only are our products safe for the planet, but you’ll be the envy of all your friends when you show off any one of My Bougie Bottles. So now you can look, feel and know you’re so bougie.

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our inpsiration

With a lifelong animal and environmental advocate leading My Bougie Bottle, we predominately use designs that celebrate Nature – our greatest inspiration, our MOST IMPORTANT ASSET.

Our striking designs are intended to inspire and raise awareness of the benefits that conservation has on our planet. Using nature as our muse, we are creating vessels of art.

conchas maris

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how we give back

Our mission at My Bougie Bottle is to bring quality reusable drinkware to all. The goal is to continue to work with you and organizations locally (and globally) to support reusables.

Learn more about some of our partnerships:


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Once you’ve tried our products for yourself, we would love to hear your thoughts, concerns or questions, so please email us at We take customer care very seriously and we will always respond as soon as possible.

Warmest aloha!

Founder of My Bougie Bottle


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