Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

At My Bougie Bottle, it’s not just about quenching thirst from eco water bottles with our besties, but reducing our carbon footprint and providing additional ways to reduce waste with reusable eco-friendly water bottles.

Using this or another one of our stylish water bottles offers a great reminder of why you bought the reusable water bottle in the first place!

We’ve partnered with conservation organizations whose mission is to protect fragile ecosystems and endangered animals. Discover our rainforest-themed stainless steel reusable water bottle boasting a cheetah, toucan, and tropical plants, oh my! A portion of proceeds will go to our partners to help them in their work. This must-have eco-friendly water bottle is perfect for every eco-conscious, animal-loving conservationist, making this their new favorite sustainable water bottle.

If you want to feel more inspired, have a question, or want to get in contact with us, send a message here! We’re happy to provide our customers with everything they need!