Couture Water Bottle

Just to have a reminder of the earth’s beauty, you’ll love using and carrying our couture water bottle. However, this is more than just a floral-print water bottle; the Couture Collection elevates your drinking experience with a beautifully reusable, refillable, reimagine-designed flower-print water bottle.

This selection of My Bougie Bottles is like having your own botanical garden in your very hands with a choice of magnolias, peonies, and other stunning blossoms. These floral-print water bottle designs, heightened with elegance, make for a bougie hydrating experience. Our newest addition, the equestrian-themed water bottle, brings a new twist to the classic design.

Whether you need to add a fresh botanical design to your floral stainless steel water bottle collection or you’re buying for a friend, you’ll never drink water the same way again. From the garden-lover to the horse obsessed, you’re sure to find the couture water bottle for you.

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