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Our food-grade silicone base ice stick tray is specifically designed to create ice that fits the mouths of most water bottles. Thanks to the sturdy design, it’s now even possible to carry a full ice tray to the fridge without spilling water! 

It’s always important to stay hydrated and drink at least half a gallon of water per day. Why not bougie up your water by adding your favorite fruit – mint, lime juice or berries to your ice stick tray before freezing and create your very own DIY personalized flavorings.

• Makes ice that fits most water bottles
• 3.74'' long by 0.75" wide
• Easy pop-out technique
• 10 ice stick compartments
• FDA registered certification 
• BPA Free 

Allow the ice stick tray to stand for a minute, or run the back of the tray under warm running water to remove the ice cubes quickly.


Stephanie - 01/10/2020

This ice tray is amazing! The ice cubes don’t interfere with the straws or while drinking so it’s a definite must, especially on hot days.

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